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Government Contract Accounting, Small Business Bookkeeping/Accounting, Payroll, DCAA compliant accounting system set-up, QuickBooks system setup, Standard Operating Procedures, Mock DCAA audits, Outsourced CFO services, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Management, Individual Tax Preparation, Business Tax Preparation

We bring harmony to your business operations by providing accounting services and business solutions that focus on the financial health of your business. We develop your financial picture and then show you how to use the knowledge within it to drive the success of your company. A harmonious company is a healthy company. When your company is healthy, it’s in a position to capture any goal and carryout your company’s vision! Just as disease cannot live in a body that is healthy, failure cannot exist in a company that is in harmony…

All aspects of your business must be in agreement, working together to achieve your goals and objectives. Each decision affects your financial picture, whether quantitative or qualitative. All decisions must be in agreement with the central focus of creating, maintaining, and growing a healthy company. Your financial picture is the hub that connects all of your business functions.

The bond between operational and financial -your corporate vision and your financial vision, your business needs and your financial capability, your business cycle and your financial processes - must be inseparable. We show you how to relate your business strategy to your financial representation, thus creating a harmonious relationship between how your business is run and the resources used to run it.

The successful management of your business, on every level, depends upon the successful and continual management of your financial affairs. With Harmony at the center of your financial management, you can focus on the operational management of the company, having visibility into how your choices affect your financial stability and growth. Imagine having a central focal point for which all decisions must be made, with a measurable cost and benefit, and thus a measurable result.

For a process to be effective, employees to be productive, decisions to be properly communicated and received, ideas to culminate, and the vision to be realized, all aspects of the business must be on one accord. Harmony is your biggest ally in incorporating oneness into your organization. Not only must you organize your records, but also your processes, procedures, methodology, and culture. The financial picture, goals, and strategies bring together all other aspects of the business cycle, building unity.

When you operate your business with your financial picture as the focus, this creates an association or point of connectivity for all areas of your business. Allow Harmony to be your financial network, where we become an integral part of your structure. You have access to our accounting expertise, templates, tools, and business advice. Our network of resources becomes your network. A network that emits harmony is a network of success.

Your vision is what your business is all about – its pursuit and its capture. Every vision and goal is either financially related or financially motivated in some fashion. How can you have a vision without a true financial picture in sight? How can you get to the bottom of how to make your business a success if you can get to an accurate bottom line? At the end of the day, your vision for your company is success. And success rests with the harmony in your business. Failure cannot exist in a company that is in harmony…